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Welcome to Generation Chiropractic & Wellness Center, located in Old Town Bluffton, South Carolina. Our mission is to inspire and empower our community to function at their optimal health potential. One adjustment at a time.

Our Process

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We use a comprehensive initial assessment  to locate the problem that brings you discomfort in your day to day.

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Conditions we can help with:

Post Accident Care

After an auto accident your body has undergone tremendous force and stress. The joints of your body have been strained beyond their normal ranges of motion and this can lead to numerous complications. The effects of a car accident may not be immediate and some people may not experience pain. However, the underlying issues from a car accident may lead to headaches, musculoskeletal pain, low back pain, degenerative joint disease and nerve damage in the future. This is why chiropractic care and x-rays are needed to determine if there is spinal or nerve damage right after a car accident.

Whether you are experiencing headaches, neck pain from whiplash, back pain or shoulder pain, the goal of our office is to get you back to pre-accident condition and make the process of getting you better easier. 

Back Pain and Headaches

Missed work due to a headache, neck pain or low back pain?

 Instead of taking pain medications which only mask the symptoms, chiropractic care can get to the source of your problem to improve spinal motion and decrease pain. Chiropractic care works by taking pressure of the vertebrae that are causing a pinched nerve, and symptoms of a "crick" in your neck or low back pain.

Specific chiropractic adjustments will release muscle tensions, and restore proper motion to your of those regions of your body. 

Wellness Care

To establish peak athletic performance your body has to be at its best. By having proper spinal biomechanics, the body is able to communicate effectively to allow your muscles and joints for better functioning. Receiving specific spinal adjustments improves motion and reduces the risk of injury.

Pediatrics and Perinatal Care

Throughout pregnancy your baby needs a proper supply line from mom and it is critical for proper development in utero. Maternity chiropractic care is a natural, safe and effective way to optimize mom's body for baby's growth while providing comfort to mom from the aches and pains of pregnancy. Dr. Jennifer is Webster certified and utilizes techniques that can help promote mom's pelvis to be in proper alignment allow proper positioning for baby development in a non-invasive way. 

The birthing process can be extremely traumatic to your infant. From pulling on the baby's neck to the use of forceps and other medical tools, your baby has already had his or her first spinal misalignment. If left untreated this can create  an array of symptoms. This is why it's critical to have your infant checked soon after birth to remove spinal misalignments to aid baby's optimal nervous system function.

What Our Patients Are Saying

I really enjoy what Dr. Jennifer has to offer. She and her team have always made me feel welcomed and cared for. They all do a great job listening and creating a plan that works best for me. Thank you, Dr. Jennifer and team for all of your help!

- Natalie -

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